My Religion & Hip Hop Culture Mixtape

This spring I audited a course with EdX entitled, "Religion and Hip Hop Culture" taught by Dr. Anthony Pinn of Rice University and Professor Bun B, one of H-town's finest hip hop mavens. Together, they helped students explore the concept of religion, how hip hop and religion interact (using case studies in Islam and Christianity, and how hip hop can act as a religion sui generis. 

At the end of the course, each student was asked to create a "mixtape" showcasing everything they'd learned over the semester about religion and hip hop culture and the interplay between the two. Here is my mixtape introduction with a link to my other videos below: 

The rest of the videos in this RELi157x MixTape can be found on my Facebook page HERE. While this is an assignment for an audited course, I hope you find something interesting to glean from the vids. In the future, I will producing more videos like the one above to explore topics on religion and culture...wait for it!  

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