Ken is an award-winning religion news writer & blogger (click here for Ken's blog). His work has featured in Religion News Service, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Newsweek, USA Today, Sojourners Magazine, The Daily Dot, Sightings from the University of Chicago, Deseret News National, Christian Century, The Houston Chronicle, US Catholic, RealClear Religion, Epicenter Magazine, The Living Church, The Gainesville Sun, The Lutheran (Australia), HUM Magazine, Indo-American News, LCEF Leader-to-Leader, The Olive Tree (New Zealand), The Lattice Journal & other publications. Here are some examples:

Religion News Service | Covering American Islam, Latina/o Muslims, atheists & pastors, Christian-Muslim conflict in Kenya

The Huffington Post | Coming to terms with the contradictions of Islam

The Washington Post | Relevant news on religion & culture

Newsweek | Analyzing ISIS & their destruction of temples, statues, & artifacts, explaining the Shia-Sunni divide

Sojourners | What Christians are called to do about Islamophobia

Sightings | Intersection of religion & culture including Slenderman, Scientology, & social media

The Daily Dot | Understanding Islam & the death penalty

Sacred Duty Blog | Houston Chronicle Belief Section blog - understanding religion & culture w/ Ken Chitwood

Publisher's Weekly | Book reviews and author profiles on religion, politics, & culture with the biggest name in the publication biz

Barna FRAMES | Statistical & demographic introductions to half the series, with David Kinnaman

Faith Goes Pop Read the Spirit magazine hosts Ken's blog on the intersection of religion & pop culture.

LCEF Leader-to-Leader | A blog on ministry in the 21st-century, written for leaders | Blogs on community development, preaching, & new ministry starts.


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