Ken Chitwood is a religion scholar focusing on the ethnographic study of religion in a global and digital age, with specifically foci on Islam and Muslim communities in Latin America & the Caribbean and in the Latinx U.S.A. He also has an active interest in the intersections of globalization, cosmopolitanismtransnationalism, immigration, and the study of Islamophobia, Latinx religion, global Islam, religion and culture, and digital religion. He seeks to enlarge religious literacy in a world that ever more makes the global, local; the local, global; the familiar, strange; and the strange, familiar. His research and academic work has also included American religion, pop culture and religion, the digital humanities, religion and digital culture, religious theory, Caribbean religious traditions, and indigenous religious traditions. 

He is a journalist-fellow with the University of Southern California’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture’s Spiritual Exemplars Project, an Adjunct Instructor with Concordia College New York’s Global Initiative program, and is an Associate Research Member with the University of Waikato's Islamic Studies Group. He graduated with his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2019 where he worked with the Department of Religion and the Center for Global Islamic Studies. He also has participated with Muslim Institute projects and is involved with the Digital Humanities Working Group at the University of Florida and participates in THATCamp events across the U.S. 

Ken's academic work includes book reviews for top journals, book chapters on global Islam and pop culture, journal publications, and more. View his CV for more details or find other papers and projects at Ken's profile.

Ken's teaching experience includes:

  • Cultural Anthropology, Instructor, Concordia St. Louis - Spring/Summer 2019

  • Global Christianity, Instructor, Concordia College New York - Spring 2019

  • American Religious History, Instructor, University of Florida - Spring 2018

  • Islam, Christianity, and Religious Diversity, Instructor, Concordia Lutheran Seminary Edmonton, Alberta - Winter 2018

  • Christian-Muslim Relations, Instructor, Concordia College New York - Fall 2017 (Syllabus development)

  • Islam in the Americas, Instructor, University of Florida - Spring 2017

  • Religion & the News, Instructor, University of Florida (with the College of Journalism & Communication) - Spring 2016

  • Religion, Medicine, & Healing, Teaching Assistant, University of Florida - Summer 2017

  • Religion & Science, Teaching Assistant, University of Florida - Spring 2015

  • Introduction to World Religions, Instructor, LINC Bible Institute, Houston, TX - Fall 2011

  • History of Christian Hermeneutics, Adjunct Instructor, Laidlaw College, Palmerston North, New Zealand - Spring 2008

  • Biblical Interpretation for Ministry, Adjunct Instructor, Laidlaw College, Palmerston North, New Zealand - Fall 2008

Ken earned two BAs (Christian Ed. Leadership & Theological Studies) from Concordia University Irvine, CA (CUI) in 2007 & completed his MA: Theology & Culture at CUI (2014). His master's thesis was, "Islam en Español: the narratives, demographics, conversion causeways, and conditions for community cohesion of Latina/o Muslims in the U.S." 

In the past Ken was awarded the following academic honors:

  • 1st Place Graduate Scholarly Publication Paper Award (UF Religion Dept.), 2016 

  • Student Writer of the Year, 4th place, Evangelical Press Association, 2016

  • 1st Place Graduate Conference Paper Award (UF Religion Dept.), 2015

  • Graduate Assistantship (UF), 2014. 

  • Summa Cum Laude (CUI), 2007 & 2014.

  • Outstanding Senior, School of Theology (CUI), 2007. 

  • 1st Place, Presidential Showcase of Undergraduate Research: "The Poor You Will Always Have With You?: A Survey & Evaluation of Contemporary Christian Approaches to Poverty Alleviation" (CUI), 2007. 

  • Theta Alpha Kappa (ΘΑΚ), National Honor Society for Religious Studies & Theology (CUI), 2006.

  • Omicron Delta Kappa (ΟΔΚ), National Leadership Honor Society (CUI), 2006.

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